Monday, 17 March 2014


Hi everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
This outfit post is about experimenting an all-black outfit. And this time I rock this colour to enhance my boyish street style look. Surprisingly, 'Black' is the colour that dominates my closet despite the fact that ages ago noble family would not consider much of this colour into their wardrobes.

They say mixing black together could make your appearance look boring and stale. However, I personally think Black creates a more elegant yet mysterious impression. Pairing different types of garment is the key.

A touch of gold, silver, and copper are perfect on your black canvas.

To complete this look, I picked this above-ankle bootie to match with my coated jeans. The black leather and lizard printed combo is just unique and it is very easy to wear with the features of a middle zip and 2 buckle enclosure. I would say this is a must have item in this Autumn/Winter season.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Your participation is highly appreciated.

Have a great week ahead!

I am wearing:
//Top: Zara Sheer Knit Sweater
//Bottom: Zara Coated Jeans
//Necklace: House of Harlow
//Earrings: Lovisa
//Ring and Pyramid Studs Bracelet: Thrifted

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  1. Sexy amat, Bu �� ini yg foto pada sapa sih?


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